Open Studio and Flax pulling 2019

In 2019, I received another grant from the New Brunswick government to focus on spinning flax to linen and weaving with linen. This is a huge boost as I should gain confidence in my flax spinning skills to be able to spin my home grown flax. 

I'm currently spending time weaving samples and spinning 5 kg of stricks I purchased from France. There are local sources to buy flax, and I plan to buy from them, but I wanted to start with a large quantity from an established company to get a better idea of what good flax felt, smelt and looked like. 

Again we planted flax - this time with seed from Belgium, but also with seed collected from the previous harvest of seeds. 

I have a new studio space (thanks to a grant from ArtsNB) and was able to host an open studio day which included demos on flax processing. We also had people help us to pull the flax!

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