Tea Towel Exchange

Are you a handweaver? Love to weave tea towels? Looking for your woven next project?

The 3rd Annual Tea Towel Exchange will be held October 20, 2021. Sign up is free. Bring with you one tea towel you have woven for the exchange and you will walk out with a tea towel made by someone else to diversify your personal tea towel pile.

The following are mandatory guidelines to attend the exchange:

- You must be a hand weaver

- The tea towel must be one you have woven yourself

- The tea towel cannot be smaller than 18"x25" after washing

- The tea towel cannot have been previously used


Please weave the tea towel using cotton or a cotton/linen blend using whatever weave structure your heart desires. Whether you weave on a floor loom, table loom, rigid heddle loom, tapestry loom, frame loom - as long as your loom is big enough to make a tea towel, you are welcome to attend!

In addition to the tea towel exchange, feel free to bring other woven items you've been working on or idea for projects you're planning for a brief show-and-tell.

We are limiting the number of people who attend as our space isn't huge. If you plan to attend, please email Emily and let her know and she will let you know the time and location.

Handwoven cotton tea towel